Thursday, October 31, 2013

Was Writing This Blog Worth It?

I stopped my daily updates of this blog when we moved off Drift Away and back to upstate New York last May.  We had a bit over 200,000 hits and 90 followers of our Seinfeld-esk blog about nothing, except for the ridiculousness of living on an old boat with large dogs and cats.   This old boat did well by us, getting us from Stamford, Connecticut to Albany, New York and then down south of Jacksonville Florida.

We're close to a quarter million hits now, and have 96 followers.  That's remarkable to me.  I hope everyone who reads and follows the blog got something out of it.  Useful information, what to do, what NOT to do, maybe some inspiration... or perhaps just a few laughs.  Please, feel free to laugh.  No one has laughed at me more than myself.  I just do stupid stuff all the time.

We've had lots of lookers at Drift Away, and several offers, but no checks and it's still for sale.  I truly have mixed emotions about selling it.  I know this boat.  I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere, including off shore to places like the Bahamas.  But life changes, and an accident probably precludes me from any further adventures on a boat.  Pam and I have purchased a more sedate and steady underfoot motor home, which will be our next traveling adventure.

We both miss Drift Away the boat.  We also miss Drift Away the adventures, and Drift Away the friends we've met along the way.  There truly has been nothing like the short time we spent cruising on our boat in our lifetimes.  We've met many good people who have become good friends, and we miss you all.  We're going to try to correct that while living south this winter, and hope to catch up with many of you.  Beaufort, South Carolina... Isle of Hope, Georgia...  Brunswick, Georgia... all are must stops for us.

So only four more followers to hit 100, and we'll probably hit a quarter million hits within the next month or so.  It's been an amazing trip.  Thank you for sharing in it with us.

Oh, and for the benefit of my cruising friends down south, this was yesterday morning.

Ruby and Chevy the pit bulls had experienced snow in Stamford, and for them this was no big deal.  But for our Georgia German Shorthaired Pointer Olivia, this was her first experience with snow, and she was feeling particularly frisky.  She thought she might wrestle Ruby to the ground and roll her in it.

Ruby is much shorter, but outweighs Olivia by 20 pounds.  Ruby is also an expert pit bull wrestler and regularly beats up Chevy, our male pit.  Olivia, at 60 pounds, was not successful.  She never had a chance.  Ruby taught Olivia what snow tastes like.