Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Two is Published

 Well, actually it is book six for me.  But the first four are about Sasquatch, the last two about Drift Away and the live aboard lifestyle.

This is book one, available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.  It covers the first part of our cruise, from Stamford to Albany to Annapolis and includes all of the highs and lows, including losing both engines off Sandy Hook and what we did to fix our fuel tank problems.

The second book is Annapolis to Savannah (actually Isle of Hope just outside of Savannah) and is more cruising oriented since we're actually moving.  This book is just published and hasn't made it to general distribution yet but is now available on Lulu.

Book three in the series will cover from Savannah to Brunswick to Jacksonville (Green Cove Springs, actually).   I haven't started on that one, taking a short break.   And that should do it... of course, I do tend to get wordy, so there may be a book four.  But I will do my best to keep it short... although there are victory beers involved.

Dave's author page on Amazon.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Be Like Sammy

I don't think we realize the impact we have on other people's lives. That being said, sometimes we instantly recognize the impact others have on us.

When Pamela and I traveled south on Drift Away, we stopped at Isle of Hope Marina outside of Savannah. We very quickly met the goodwill ambassador of Isle of Hope, Sammy Moore. Sammy was one of those guys you took an instant liking to. Happy, friendly, and outgoing.

Pam and I were admiring the blue glass tied to a small tree in his front yard and Sammy came down and introduced himself, and then invited us up to the apartment over his garage for a visit. That's where Sammy lived. Next to it was the house he owned, but he didn't live in that. It was more than he needed.

Sammy was an excellent photographer and was the inspiration for me to buy my Nikon DSLR and to get serious about photography myself. Sammy hated his photo being taken. This photo I took without him knowing it with my 300mm zoom lens.

Sammy also had a great sense of humor. Isle of Hope banned golf carts on the streets. This photo was Sammy's response.

Sammy was sick. His cancer returned. Sammy loved our pit bulls and we intended to make a trip from Florida to see Isle of Hope and Sammy again, but Sammy died on New Year's Day.

Remember what I said about Sammy not wanting his picture taken? Whenever he depicted himself in a photo, he replaced his head with a happy face drawing. See the third photo. To me, this is the finest

tribute that could have been paid to Sammy.

Sammy was beloved by all that knew him. Have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Be like Sammy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Voyage of Drift Away: Stamford to Annapolis

Well, I wrote book one of an anticipated two book set, the Voyage of Drift Away:  Stamford to Annapolis.   The next will be Annapolis to Green Cove Springs (below Jacksonville).

It is in the process of being published.  Until I receive a proof and approve it, the book is available only on (click on the link above).   Within a couple of weeks, it will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your local bookstore, etc.

I did not go color.  The 6x9 paperback would run $105!  Ain't no way!   So the photos are black and white.  If anyone really wants color, let me know and I'll have one made for you. 

I used this photo on the cover, one of my favorites.

Monday, November 13, 2017

New Plan for the Books

I communicated with a publisher about this Drift Away blog transferred to Drift Away books.  First, I was told that publishers aren't interested in a series of books, which this would have to be.  At least two, perhaps three books worth.  Then I was told that they weren't interested in publishing a blog format book. 

Alright.  Well... I am.  My first book, Living Among Sasquatch:  A Primer is in a blog format and those who reviewed it loved it!  It is a diary of sorts, so the reader follows right along with us in our learning curve.   Most certainly the same would hold true in Pamela and me buying a derelict old trawler, making it serviceable, and then traveling down the east coast on it.  Blog format it will be.

Publishing in color is also important to me.  The blog photos are one key to the success of the blog, and therefore so too the books.  I thought I'd have to do hardcover to get color photos, but I found a less expensive alternative.  I can publish a 6 x 9 full color paperback, which is the way I will go.  I mean really, who is going to pay $100+ for a hardcover book?  Not this cheap old bastard.

I learned in business long ago that the secret to success is to listen to your customers.  My blog and book readers are my customers, and I hear you.  I will forego traditional publishing and self publish the books my way, not their way.  Even if I don't achieve the volume of book sales of a traditional publisher, I don't care.  This is the way you've asked for it, and the way I like it, the way you will get it, and the way I think it will work best.

Volume one will be Stamford to Albany to Annapolis, and ~may~ be available by Christmas.  The next volume(s), from Annapolis to Jacksonville, will be in 2018.

That's the plan.  Like cruising on Drift Away, it may change, but that is at least the vague idea.  It is time for a victory beer.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Voyage of Drift Away - The Book(s)

This blog has been an online chronicle of not only Drift Away the boat, but Pamela and me, our dogs and cats, our travels, and our lifestyle.  Many of you have asked if I'm going to write a book about it.  I am now in the process of doing exactly that. 

But I have a problem.  It is getting too big. I'm not even through the first year and the book is over 300 pages, and I have two years to go.

I thought about leaving out the photos, but as they say, a picture is  worth a thousand words.  Make it only about our travels?  Naw.  Too many cruising books out there already.  Leave out the boat projects?  No!  That was half the "fun" (I just got to the part where we were replacing the refrigerator and found out the old one was glued in). 

I left out the obvious parts, like going to car shows.  But that ain't enough.

So I decided that instead of cutting out sections, I would just include the entire thing.  When I finish and see exactly how big it is, I'll start editing it and whittling it down.

As you long time followers know, we spent a lot of time in Annapolis, Isle of Hope, and Brunswick, and I won't bore you with repetitive happy hours, etc.  So maybe it won't be too bad.

But what I'm considering is breaking it down into two volumes.  The first would be 2011, the second 2012 and 2013 to keep the size and cost manageable.  To make the photos color, which I think is important, the volumes would have to be hardcover. 

The cost of color hardcover books is lofty.  The 174 page hardcover book I just published (Sasquatch, not cruising) sells for $59.99 on Amazon.  These could be twice that each.

I can also do eBooks and paperback with black and white photos for the thrifty of us. 

Just thinking  out loud here.  Any thoughts?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Question For You All

I graduated from writing magazine articles to writing blogs to writing books.  I just published another book about Sasquatch and republished my first book in hardcover and color.  I now will move on to publishing "The Voyage of Drift Away:  A Toilet Companion".  But...

I downloaded Blurb, a blog to text tool, only it has a 500 page minimum.  What I intended to do was to convert the whole blog and then weed out the silly parts, which would get it down to six or seven pages.

No, kidding.  Weed out the stuff not cruising lifestyle related.  But with a 500 page minimum, heck, I might as well just copy and paste from the blog.  But that seems like a tremendous amount of work.  Not that I won't do it.  I will.  But does anyone have a better idea?  Any other blog to text tools?

Look for Drift Away, the book, in 2018 I guess.

Friday, October 27, 2017

2018 Golden Isles Calendar

I suppose all cruisers have their favorite places.  Pamela's and mine are Georgia's Low Country, but especially the Golden Isles.

While putzing about with my fourth book, I put together a 2018 calendar using photos taken by yours truly.  It is available on

I received my proof today, and it is a go.  Here are the pics in it.

Yes, we miss cruising on Drift Away.