Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Social Media and Cruising/Living Aboard

As you know, for the past couple of days I've posted about being in a Facebook photo contest.  I also alerted my friends on Facebook, my email address book, and on a few message boards I frequent and urged them to vote for my photo.  You have to be on Facebook to vote.  I'm surprised how many of my friends aren't on Facebook.

I love Facebook.  I've reconnected with many old friends, schoolmates, and neighbors, many that I haven't seen in years.  But I'm also connected with many cruisers that Pam and I met in the past year of cruising.   Many, if not most, don't have blogs, and if they do, they update them infrequently.  But if they're on Facebook, they will post a brief note about where they are or something interesting they're doing.

Besides people, I also "like" places.  If I particularly enjoyed a particular restaurant, I'll find it on Facebook and "like" it.  Same for marinas and other places.  They might occasionally advertise a special, or maybe live music or something that Pam and I would enjoy.

Many people are concerned about their privacy, and I suppose that's a valid issue.  However, I've always had the view that I really don't have anything to hide and I doubt too many people are interested in me or what I'm doing.  I also don't post things on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet that would be too personal.  I don't post anything that I wouldn't say to a complete stranger.

You can also protect yourself on Facebook with privacy settings so that total strangers can't see your stuff.  You can even become invisible and hide yourself from certain individuals.

As most of you know, I've been raving about Georgia's Golden Isles since we arrived here in July.  I  "liked" the Golden Isles Facebook page, and saw the notice about the photography contest on my newsfeed.  I entered my photo and it's now in the finals.

The grand prize is a three night stay at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel as well as a few smaller prizes.

If you'd like to vote for my photo..

go to Facebook and search for and "like" Golden Isles.  Then click on this link to the photo contest to vote.  I'd appreciate it.  As of 6 AM this morning, my photo has a tiny three vote lead over the next.  Even if you've already voted, you can vote again, every 24 hours.

And finally, if you're a cruiser or liveaboard, or are about to, consider opening a Facebook account.    And be sure to "friend" me.

Who ever would have thought that "friend" would be a verb?  Why didn't Facebook just use "befriend"?  Too archaic?


  1. Social media introduced a new branding mechanism. It heightened the speed, distance and sources over which branding information travels.
    Social media campaign for its newest ship, the Magic, and the kinds of marketing that resonate with Carnival’s Facebook fans.

  2. I'm enjoying your blog and living vicariously through your adventures until we get a boat of our own! Just voted for you and it looks like you are in the lead by 10 votes!

  3. My son bought a restaurant/movie theater in 2009. In three years, he has tripled revenues in a down economy. All without any paid advertising. Most of it has been word of mouth, his own web sites and Facebook. Instead, he has spent the revenues that would have otherwise gone into advertising into improving the venue and it has paid back dividends.

    In fact when comics come to appear at his comedy club night, they go on local radio morning shows and the "announcement" of where they will be appearing tonight has to be handled delicately because the "other" comedy club in town advertises heavily on the city's popular morning show.

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