Sunday, December 23, 2012

Unclaimed Funds

Pam and I are originally from upstate New York.  We moved to Connecticut in 2008, and left there and started wandering south on Drift Away in 2011.  In early 2012, we signed up with St. Brendan's Isle mail forwarding service, which I highly recommend you do if you plan on living a gypsy lifestyle like we have.

Yesterday, I was reading the Leader Herald, a bird cage liner from our home town of Gloversville New York.  In it, there was an article about unclaimed funds that New York is holding because the recipients of the money could not be located.  Just for fun, I clicked on the link and went to the site.  I entered my name in the search box.  Surprise, surprise, my name came up twice!  Once for National Grid, my utility company, and once for Lucent Technologies, a company I had some stock in.  YAY!

I have no idea how much money I'll be getting, because they don't tell you, but something is better than nothing.

So if you've ever lived in New York State, check to see if they're holding any money for you.  If you're not from New York, google "unclaimed funds" in the state where you've lived.

No no, no thanks is necessary.  It's just another public service we provide.  Although a holiday fruitcake might be a nice gesture.

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