Monday, December 3, 2012

Corn hole at Skipper's Fish Camp

Yep.  That has to be one of the strangest titles I've written.

We met new friends Holly and Bill on Saturday.  Pam was selling her sea glass jewelry at a local craft fair and Holly was selling her scarves in a booth next door.  I met Bill and Holly when I walked the dogs down there in an attempt to tire them out.  They invited us to corn hole at Skippers.

First off, Skipper's Fish Camp is a bar and restaurant in Darien Georgia.  It's off the beaten path.  You have to have good directions, or an address and a GPS to find it.  It serves great shrimp, as does most places in Darien that sell locally caught shrimp.  Shrimp here have a delightful taste because of the water they live in.  All Georgia shrimp is better than most, but Darien shrimp is the cream of the crop.

Corn hole is a game something like horseshoes, but with corn filled bean bags instead of horseshoes, and a slanted 2' x 4' board with a 6" hole near the top instead of a post.  Each player tosses four bean bags at the target.  You get one point for being on the board, and three points for going down the hole.  Bags offset each other.  That is, if one bag from each team is on the board, the bags offset each other, and instead of getting one point each, you get zero.  You play to 21.

The participants take this game seriously.  As serious as horseshoes, I dare say.  I even found a corn hole website,, so you can see that it is a legitimate sport.  Maybe we'll see it in the Olympics one day.

By the way, Pam's shrimp was delicious, and my fried wings were as well.  Yep, I ordered wings.  I like to walk on the  wild side.  We've now eaten at Darien's Skipper's Fish Camp and B&J's, and both were great.  The Purple Pickle is also on our list, and is rated really high by Yelp and other ratings web sites.  No, no idea why it has the funny name.  We'll eat there soon and tell you.

Darien has a town dock that you can stay at for free for two days, including 30 amp electric and water.  It's seven miles up the Darien River from ICW mile marker 652.

With a free dock and great restaurants, you cruisers traveling the ICW might consider taking an extra day and making a short detour to Darien, Georgia.  Seriously, what's the rush?    I know, I'm as guilty as anyone.  On our trip south, I bypassed Darien too, despite the cruising guide's recommendation to stop at Darien.  Well, now I'm here to tell you that I was an idiot.  I mean, really.  A free dock?  Including electric?  Great restaurants?  And you can corn hole to boot.

You need to make Darien a stop on your way north in the spring.  Or, on your way south if you're a procrastinator and running late (it's December dude, and you haven't made Florida yet?).


  1. But Dave-- You haven't made it to Florida yet!!

    1. I know. But I can almost see it from my flybridge!