Monday, December 24, 2012

Pets On Boats

I've written often about our pets.  Ruby and Chevy the pit bulls, Olivia the German Shorthair Pointer, and Gertie the cat.  We've had other pets aboard as well.

Pam had Smudge for something like 22 years.  She passed away just a few months before we began our cruise.

Smudge liked to help Pam make her seaglass jewelry.  Pam, not so much.

The following video shows Ruby as a puppy playing with Tony the guinea pig.  Also in the video is Charlie the three legged snowshoe Siamese   Charlie hated the boat, so we found him a nice home when in Annapolis last year.  Sorry about the shakey camera work.

Tony was on the boat for just a short time before we realized that we needed to find him a new home.  Tony liked to run around the floor, and the boat would just afford him too many places to get in trouble.

Ruby and Tony loved each other.  When we took Tony off the boat, Ruby was visibly depressed for a couple of weeks.  Pam finally gave Ruby the blanket we covered Tony's cage with and that eased her funk a bit because she could smell him.  I think that once we're CLODs situated in Bleecker that we'll have to get Ruby another guinea pig.

It's certainly been an interesting thing, living and cruising on a boat with all these critters.  But I love them all.  Yes, even Olivia, although she makes me nuts.

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