Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Have a New Record!

The score was Gertie 4, Olivia 4, and Chevy and Ruby 3.  That would be the number of times each has been in the drink.   Olivia has set the bar higher, making it 5 for her.

We had taken the dogs to the beach, and had arrived back at the marina.  I was walking down our dock first, followed by Pam and the dogs.  I didn't see it, but Pam did.  The dogs started to play,running down the dock.  Olivia was in the lead, and turned her head behind her to see where Chevy and Ruby were... and ran right off the dock.

She was frantic, of course.  Not that she can't swim.  She can.  But dogs like to swim only on their own terms.  So I dropped my camera and Olivia swam over to me, dog paddling and thrashing away, her eyes bugged out like Marty Feldman.  I laid down on the dock, trying to figure out how best to scoop her out.  I finally got my hands under her armpits and got her up.

To show her gratitude, as soon as she got on the boat, she ran downstairs and jumped in our bed.

Later, Pam and I put Olivia in her crate and went out to dinner.  If we don't lock up Olivia, she selectively destroys something of mine and pulls a piece of Pam's underwear out of the laundry basket and chews on it.  Nope.  No idea why.  

When we came home and let Olivia out, Pam noticed that Olivia had puked in her crate.  Olivia never hurls.  And then a few minutes later she blew chunks in the helm station.  Pam theorized that maybe Olivia swallowed a lot of putrid marina salt water when she fell in.  Sounds plausible.

So Olivia went to sleep in our bed downstairs.  After the Ravens/Steelers game, Pam went downstairs to read.  She soon came back upstairs and announced that she was sleeping in the middle stateroom.  

"Why?" asked I.

"Because Olivia threw up in our bed."


See?  Living aboard isn't always utopia.  Maybe if you don't have pets...

Our photo has a slim lead in the Golden Isles photo contest.  If we win, Pam and I will get three nights at the la-de-da Jekyll Island Club Hotel.  That's a place they'd never let us in under ordinary circumstances, but if we win the photo contest, they'd have to.  Just think of the photos I'll be able to post!  If you're on Facebook, please like the Golden Isles page and then vote.  My photo is the marina night scene, at the bottom.

Even if you've already voted, you can vote again after 24 hours.  Vote early, vote often!


  1. Looks like you two will be have'n a vacation at the
    Golden Isles-- Does the Hostel allow Doggies??

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