Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last Day of the Photo Contest

Yeah, I know.  A shameless plug.  But all you regular followers know how hard I've been working on my photography since this spring when I bought a DSLR.

My photo is in a virtual dead heat with another in a Facebook photo contest.  The other three are out of the running.   I did some googling around, and it seems the other photo was posted by someone who enters and wins photo contests on a regular basis.  I'm up against a pro, and an organized voting system.  I'm not going down without a fight!

If you enjoy this blog, and you'd like to help us win a three night stay at the ritzy Jekyll Island Club Hotel, and if you're on Facebook, and if you don't have an iPad, go to this link and "like" the Golden Isles.

And then go to this link and vote for my photo, the night scene at our marina.

If you've already voted, thank you.  You can vote again after a 24 hour waiting period.

As you know, Pam and I have been busting our butts on fixing up Drift Away for the past two and a half years.  Three days at a nice resort would be, well, nice for the both of us.  We'd put the dogs in a kennel and take a mini-honeymoon.


  1. Voted....looks like you are in the lead but Kim is closing in. BTW, we are no longer in Key West.

  2. Dave - just as FYI, the page will not load for me with Google Chrome - had to use Safari ...

  3. busted your butt ? Ill drink a victory beer to that