Friday, December 7, 2012

In Vermont

Pam and I are in Vermont.  We drove up for my daughter's wedding on Saturday.  It was 20 hours on the road, which the dogs endured Olivia barely.

We dropped the dogs off in Bleecker.  When we arrived, all three leaped out of the car and ran.  And ran.  And ran.   Then, they'd come into the house for five or ten minutes to warm up (it was in the 20s) and then go right back out.  They love the country.

This is a really nice inn.  I'll try to take a few pics for you to post later.

Oh, and thank you all for voting for my photo on the Golden Isles Facebook page.  As of 11 PM last night, I was 30 votes behind, so I don't think I won, but it was a darn good effort we all made. Thank you again.

Now, off for the rehersal!

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