Monday, December 31, 2012

Arrrrgh! Dogs!

You regular readers know that we have dogs on Drift Away.  Oh no, not cute little boat dogs.  Not Portuguese Water Dogs.  We have regular dogs.  Two pit bulls and a German Shorthair Pointer.

We have parquet floors on Drift Away.  Sometimes, a piece will get loose and I have to glue it back down.  I noticed one coming off in the galley and I made a mental note that I'd have to glue it.

Dogs love sticks.  Stay with me here.

So I go down below to our stateroom, and what do I find?  This.

Oh, Olivia knew she was in trouble.  See the submissive pose, laying on her back?  That's not because she wants a belly rub.

And notice where she chewed it up?

Chevy heard Olivia being yelled at, and came to the head of the stairs to see what all the fuss was.


Well, today is New Year's Eve, the last day of 2012, a very fine year for us all on Drift Away.  We've met many fine people and have made many fine friends, many whom have gone off cruising to different places.  And in that spirit, here is a New Year's toast for you.

Friends may come
and friends may go.
And friends may peter out, you know.
But we'll be friends through thick and thin.
Peter out, or peter in.

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  1. Happy new year everyone-- May 2013 be as best as 2012 if not better.....
    Ride/Sail or Powerboat--- Play safe out there kids..... Have fun....