Friday, October 6, 2017


Like I wrote about often in this blog, I wrote this blog not only for you, but for Pam and me.  Now that we're no longer cruising and living aboard, my writing and photography have taken a new turn.

I'm still writing.  Believe it or not... about Sasquatch.  We bought land in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and we soon learned we had Sasquatch all about.  I wrote my first book last year.

This was followed by two novels, Living Among Little People: A Guide for Sasquatch and Weak in Body, Strong in Mind and Spirit.  I am currently working on my fourth book, another non-fiction describing Sasquatch behavior.

Regarding photography, since I no longer have the benefit of friggin' pelicans or driftwood beaches, I've had to step up my game a bit and expand into areas I never thought I'd venture such as portrait photography.  Here are some examples.

Tomorrow will be more photos.


  1. I just may Frame @ Least one of your Portrait Fotos-- Always good stuff from you Dave.. Well most is good-- Politics.. I don't like so much..

  2. I don't discuss politics on my blogs.