Sunday, September 1, 2013

Drift Away - the book?

I know many of you probably didn't make the transition from our Drift Away blog to our Bleecker Mountain Life blog.   Many of you are interested in cruising and living aboard stories, not dirt dweller stuff.  That's why I started a different blog when we left Drift Away.

Short story shorter, I had an accident.  I was attacked by a vengeful tree.  It's all in the Revenge of the Trees.  I broke my neck, and I'm lucky to be alive, or not paralyzed.  I have to be in a neck brace for the next couple of months.  No lifting, turning, twisting, or anything much at all.  It's only been a few days, but I'm going nuts already.

We're living in a small rental cabin in Bleecker, New York in the Adirondack Mountains.  We don't have TV and we only get a small handful of awful radio stations.  I could only read so many books.  So what to do with myself?  Someone suggested writing a book.

I've never thought of myself as much of a writer.  What would I write about?  They say you should write about what you know.   I think one should also write about something that would interest others.  Well, I guess that would be cruising on Drift Away with Pam and all our critters.  We've certainly had our share of adventures, like losing both engines off Sandy Hook.

I supposed I'd leave out all the various boat projects I did.  There are enough how-to books out there as it is.  Just stick to our travels, adventures, fun times, and funny times.

Any suggestions out there?


  1. I don't read books but if you wrote one I would probably read it-- I'm sure it would be a hoot especially now that you're on drugs!!

    I think just copying and pasting Drift Aways blog into a book format would be a nice thing to keep in the bathroom for morning entertainment!!

  2. Write the book!
    The trials and tribulations of finding an old trawler... fixing it up... the crap you've had to go through while doing it... and the decision to head back to the mountains and live the quiet life only to have your neck broke by a tree. And, what happens while your mending and writing this book.
    Do it like you write your blog... humorous at your own expense.
    Maybe an online version of a serial novel... I've been tossing that around.
    Hope you're feeling better and you mend quickly.

  3. Dave, sorry to hear about your accident....but what a perfect oportunity to spend the winter on Drift Away! Get Jon Eisberg to deliver the boat down to the lower Bahamas and you can "Recover" with plenty of Rum and Victory beers for a few months. Sounds like a great plan to me. If I were attacked by a vengeful tree...that's what I would do.

  4. Sorry to hear about the accident, Dave. Hope the healing goes fast and complete. Damn trees can be vicious... at least on the boat, you only have to contend with the wind and the waves... oh, and other dumbass boat operators... um, the rocks... well, there's the fog, but that's it... OK, dealing with the mechanical stuff can be dangerous... and the haul-outs are certainly hazardous to your bank account. Take care, and write about it while the mending goes on.

    Best wishes,
    Jim B.