Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Quarter Million Hits! A Toast!

Our Seinfeld-esk blog about nothing has passed a quarter of a million hits.  I know that if each hit was a dollar it would mean nothing compared to our national debt, but if each hit was a beer...

I think this is pretty awesome.  Especially considering that I no longer update it everyday since we're no longer on Drift Away, and that it is for sale.  There must be some nuggets of information in there that keeps people finding it, and coming back.

I think our boating life is over.  My accident last summer has left me incapable of doing many boat related things, and it is time to move onto a more sedentary life style.  We bought a motorhome, which doesn't need to be docked and doesn't rock and roll.  Some have suggested that we name it Drift Away and continue this blog.  That doesn't sound like a bad idea.  Perhaps we will.

I am somewhat humbled, though, that a whole bunch of you clicked on our blog's links a quarter of a million times.  To me, that shows that a whole lot of Americans (and some others overseas) have a great sense of humor.

For sure, Pam and I had a blast on our cruise.  We did it in a dumb fashion, with large dogs.  Not that I would change a thing.  I wouldn't.  I love our dogs.  I also love our horse, and bringing Jeremiah would just be plain stupid.

But then again, no one has ever accused me of being overly bright.  So here's to a quarter of a million hits, and many more adventures to come.  And a toast.

Friends may come, and friends may go.
And friends may peter out, you know.
But we'll be friends through thick and thin,
Peter out, or peter in.


  1. Everyone's story is special. You don't have to be the biggest, fastest or most expensive as long as you follow your dreams. We've been privileged to follow along as you turned one of your dreams into reality. For that I am thankful. Hopefully one day we'll follow in your footsteps and you'll be able to see us make the same mistakes (or worse) and then we can all laugh at ourselves together!

    It's been a pleasure Pam & Dave. Cheers

    Rick & Lori
    M/V She:Kon (pronounced 'Say Go') which is the Iroquois traditional greeting that means 'Do you still have the Great Peace.'

  2. Can't think of anything better to say that the above post. It pretty much says it all.

    DANG!! I was #100,000 and 200,000 but missed being a quarter of a million!!! As I always say though, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

  3. It's been a fun ride with two and your critters on Drift Away-- And a pleasure to meet you all in person... Thanks for share'n...

  4. I started reading your blog(s) a few weeks ago trying to gain more knowledge about boats, yachts, etc. This is probably the 10th or so that I've read. My goal is to own a boat about the size of Drift Away, cruise the Chesapeake, the east coast and cruise the Loop. But that takes money that I don't have yet.

    So as I think about this goal, I read and gain more knowledge about boating adventures, dos and don'ts, how to handle stuff like losing an engine or two in rough water, etc.

    I would definitely get a good camera and photograph friggin' pelicans.

    Heard your song today as I was getting morning cof of cuppee:

    Hope your are feeling better!

  5. Hi Dave and Pam - Hey you could always be like the Lyle Lovett - If I Had A Boat song? Or maybe like the Cowboy in Jimmy Buffetts great book A Salty Piece of Land. Jeremiah is a Quarter Horse just like Mr Twain!
    All the Best Kevin and Beth on M/V Autumn Dream

  6. If you only had $1 For every hit on your Blog..