Thursday, March 6, 2014

Staying Connected

Pam and I cruised only for a short time, about a year and a half, before life changed plans.  But during that time we met many wonderful people.  We try to stay connected with them all as best we can, but it is not easy considering that both we and they are moving targets.

Fellow Isle of Hope liveaboards Dick and Deb have decided to settle in Port Canaveral.  Since it is only a two plus hour drive from Eureka, Florida, Pam and I made the trip to go visit.

Fish Lips Bar and Grill

Deb, Pam, and Dick.  Dick is finally getting into retirement.  It only took him a year.

Their marina, where they bought a dock-o-minium.

Another friggin' pelican

I've decided that we don't live our lives.  Our lives live us.   Our path is laid out before us, and we only need to be aware of the path that's chosen.  Sometimes we follow the way, sometimes we stray from it.  But back to the path we must go.  But whatever path we are on, we must stay connected to friends made along the way, especially the ones who are part of our fondest memories of life.

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  1. Dave.... i visited your blog and i guess you have really enjoyed that moments with that peoples. Hope best for you...
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