Monday, October 27, 2014

Drift Away

It's the end of October, and Pam and I (and our three dogs and cat, and Jeremiah the horse) are preparing to head south in our RV for Florida and warmer temps.  As often happens, I think back on our time on the boat.  With all the fun times we had, and the many fine people we met, it is with a sense of melancholy.  I miss Drift Away.

Yep...  this is the song that gave Drift Away its name.

Just listening to this song makes me choke up a little.

Drift Away is now in St. Augustine and getting a complete cosmetic makeover.  It is now named Happy Ours.  The folks that bought it seem nice.  If you see Happy Ours, say hi for me.


  1. I'd tell you I loved that song when I was in High School but that would tell you how old I am! :-)

    Now you're cruising in your 'Land Yacht'! Fair winds, following seas and may you always have at least 6 GPS satellites to guide you safely to your next port of call!


  2. Drift Away was a good read-- Thanks Pam & Dave..

    Be safe on your travels south-- I'm sure you'll have some good story's to tell tell about that journey..

  3. Sorry to hear about your accident and hope you can recover quickly so you can carry on with your adventures. Read you post re: best 2 days in a boaters life and must say I understand and agree with you. Jean and I have some or our most fond memories of our time on the boat and pictures to prove it really happened, ha. 30 years later we still miss her.

    1. Hi James! Tiner Liner (Drift Away) is in good hands and is finally getting the restoration it deserves. The folks that bought it seem nice and are very happy so far. :)