Saturday, February 6, 2016

Do We Miss Drift Away? Yep. But ahhhh, the Memories!


Pam and I both miss Drift Away and our adventures, and misadventures, cruising down the eastern seaboard.  We spent about three years on Drift Away, half of that spent getting the boat ready, and the other half cruising and exploring.

Regrets?  Well, we spent a pile of money, and right now that would look good in the bank.  But then again we wouldn't have had such a great adventure, nor met so many wonderful people, and so that is the upside.

There is nothing like the carefree lifestyle of living aboard.  If you're a dirt dweller, you seriously have no idea.  There is also nothing like cruising down a waterway, wondering what's around the next bend, and marveling at all of the wildlife along the way and the amazing diversity of the scenery.

We both remember our first palm tree, in North Carolina.

We vividly remember the pea soup fog of Beaufort, NC and being grateful for our amazing instruments that guided us.

We remember going straight when the ICW took a right.

We remember our wonderful liveaboard community at Isle of Hope and Brunswick, Georgia.

We'll never forget meeting up with old internet friends from California, Rod and Patti. who bought a boat on the eastern seaboard and were bring it home via the Panama Canal.

We'll never forget losing both engines in the Ambrose Channel only to find that Seatow, who sent me emails every other day to sell me something, couldn't be bothered to send one telling me my towing insurance was going to expire.

We won't forget spending a month at Atlantic Highlands Marina while I bullet proofed our fuel system so we wouldn't lose an engine again.

We'll always remember waking up when the cat jumped off the bed into a foot of water.  That's never good.

We will never forget dolphins.  Nor will our dogs.  To this day, several years since we moved off Drift Away, I can say "Where's the dolphins!" and Chevy the male pit bull will go nuts.

And pelicans?  There's always another friggin' pelican.

Victory beers?  Yes, I still have them, but it is not the same.  Pounding some nails or cutting boards has nowhere near the satisfaction of cleaning a radiator in an old generator.

So we could have traded all that, plus much, much more, for money in the bank.

I'll take all that.  Doctors and hospitals can take away my money, but nothing can take away my memories.


  1. It's been a fun ride following your blog Dave-- Thank you for sharing..
    Looking forward to reading your book..

    1. One is coming, Kurt, as soon as my next shipment of books arrives, in the next day or two.

      Our voyage wouldn't have been possible without the diligent work of you and the staff of the Black Duck R&D Center, and our bulletproof Navi-Nut (patent pending).

  2. Tru dat, Dave... Tru dat
    Hope all is well.

  3. It ain't over until the fat lady sings! And she is not even close to coming on stage. :-) Our memories of cruising up to Maine and sailing around Long Island with you are still fresh. Seeing a pod of basking sharks, Sammy the bat flying out at you on the midnight watch. :-)