Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice 1, Chevy the dog 0

We've had some cold weather down here in CT. Nothing like upstate NY where I come from, for sure, but 4 degrees is pretty cold. The freezing point of seawater is around 28 degrees, depending on its salinity. We'd been pretty much ice free until yesterday when the ice froze to about 1/4" or maybe 1/2", plus a couple of inches of snow on top that fell this morning. Not enough to support Chevy, a 70 pound pit bull who got the icey surprise of his life when he stepped off the dock and onto it.
I was on the boat when I heard the big splash and frantic dog paddling. With adrenalin pumping, I flew down the deck, bounded down the snow covered steps to the dock and the dog, grabbed him by his collar with my left hand and pulled him up, and then grabbed his back leg with my right and deposited him on the dock.  I was amazed.  He felt as light as a feather.
He's the dummy on the right.

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