Friday, January 28, 2011

Record Snow!

Living aboard is one thing if you're someplace warm with waving palm trees.   It's quite another when one gets hit with snow storm after snow storm. 

Stamford is just a short distance from New York City.  Since weather usually travels from west to east, what they get, we get.   NYC usually gets about 20 inches of snow a year.  We got that in the first snowfall!

This week really took the cake.  A six inch snowfall on Monday followed by a foot and a half on Wednesday.  It was pretty heavy stuff as well, so after shoveling off the decks, I decided I had better shovel off the roof before the boat capsized.

Here's a pic of the aft deck.  Yes, that's a broken rocking chair.

And here's what the bow looked like.  The bump at the pointy end is the windlass. 

Pam started shoveling first.

And then I did the aft deck and the roof.

Do we still enjoy living aboard?   I briefly pondered this yesterday.  I was using the PC in the helm station.  I looked out over the bow and saw Hooded Mergansers diving for their dinner as a parade of Canadian Geese paddled by, while overhead Seagulls were swirling about.  The sun was setting and it was gorgeous.  My answer is yes.

I then asked Pam if she still enjoyed living on the boat.  A smile came to her face and she said "Most girls wouldn't like it, especially having to go up the dock to the showers.  But I LOVE IT!"

What a gal.

- Dave

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