Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogger Bug- how to leave comments

I enjoy reading other people's blogs, and I often leave comments.   I've found an annoying bug, and if you comment on Blogger blogs you've no doubt encountered it too.

You read a good blog post and decide to tell the blogger using the comment box at the bottom of the page.   You enter the comment, and then open the pull down menu to select your "comment as" profile (I use my google account).   The google account log on screen appears and you enter your user name and password and hit the "sign in" button.  You are returned to the comment screen where you enter an anti-spam code and hit "OK".  You are again brought back to the google log on screen, enter your user name and password again and hit the "sign in" button again (are you getting this?), and are again brought to the comment screen where you are again asked to enter an anti-spam code.  Again.  I suppose you could do this for hours if you were so inclined.  Again and again.

The bug is caused by multiple layers of authentication.  The easy fix is when the google log on screen appears, uncheck the box that asks if you want to stay logged in.  You will then be able to log into your google account, be brought back to the comment screen and post your comment normally.

Doncha just love it?

By the way, do you know where the term "bug" came from?   In 1947, Admiral Grace Hopper (who invented the Cobol programming language, the best programming language ever) was working on an early computer at Harvard when the system malfunctioned.   It turned out to be a moth found between two tubes on a circuit board.   It was extracted  and the computer "debugged".


  1. Have you found any problems with the following link disappearing?

  2. Which link? I don't see a link. Did it disappear? :-)