Monday, June 24, 2013

Erie Canal Closed

Yesterday was a down day for Pam and me. We needed a break from working on our land in Bleecker. We decided to take a road trip to Waterford, my hometown. We stopped at the Canal Center to see if there were any boaters there that we knew. There weren't. But we chatted up a nice couple who, like everyone else there, were waiting for the canal to reopen. It was closed for a time due to high water from biblical rains, but now its closed because of a damaged dam by Amsterdam that needs to be repaired. Everything has stopped.

Here's an article about the closure in the Daily Gazette. Everyone is taking this in stride, especially experienced cruisers who know not to cruise on a schedule.

Want to experience life on the water? You can rent canal boats like this one. Once the canal is reopened.

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