Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Erie Canal is Still Closed

I've never seen so much rain here in upstate New York.   Since we left Drift Away and drove up here, it's rained every single day but four.  And when it's rained, it's often rained big time.   June set a new rainfall record.

The Erie Canal has been closed since mid-June.   There's been flooding in Ft. Plain and the canal is so high and flowing so fast that it's just not safe.  According to the NYS DOT website,


locks E-8

For updates and information monitor 1-800-4CANAL4 and (Scotia) to E-18 (Jacksonburg) remain closed until further notice and will reopen as soon as flows recede and conditions allow.

I know this is a real problem for you "Loopers".  It may be that this isn't your year.  Then again, with climate change, this may be the new normal.  The Erie isn't closed because of a hurricane like in years past.  This is only from rain.  Al Gore predicted this in An Inconvenient Truth, record heat in the southwest and rain in the northeast.  Has the time come?

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  1. The year we lived in the Catskills was the coldest AND the most snow in 50 years. The next winter they went back to normal so consider this June/July to be a "one off". In a couple months you'll be wishing it would rain. Can't wait to see you in that saddle Dave! Now THAT will be entertaining.....