Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Missed Photo Opportunity

We'll be heading back to New York very shortly, so we decided to go to Drift Away in Green Cove Springs to fetch stuff.  I was amazed at how much we had on there.  We took off a wicker sofa, loveseat, rocker, chair, end table, and coffee table.  Boxes and boxes of dishes, food, utensils, and other kitchen stuff.   We took the convection oven and even the bread box.  Then, finally, I took the dorm room sized refrigerator that was my beer fridge on the boat.  It will be the beer fridge in the garage.

Yes, on the ride back to Eureka, we were pummeled by huge thunderstorms.  They're predicted everyday until Sunday.  I need to pick one day to fetch the Whaler with the trailer that Earl and I fixed up, unless the boat sells first, which it might.

I stopped at Holland Marine to inquire about them lifting the Whaler off the boat with a crane.

"Why don't you use the electric hoist on the boat?" they asked.

"The Whaler weighs about 600 pounds.  I'm nervous that this might turn into a ya-all-hold-my-beer-and-watch-this moment as the trawler falls of it's jack stands and crashes to the ground."

"You mean tip over?  Naw, that won't happen.  We've done it before."

So that's the plan, sometime soon.  But then our cell phone rang.  It was a boat broker.  He had a legitimate offer on Drift Away.  I asked him to check with the buyer to see if he was agreeable to the boat without the Whaler.  There should be an inflatable up there anyway, something much lighter.   I had time to ponder all this on the drive home.

I pulled the Kia towing the box trailer into the yard, close to the door.   Pam went to let the dogs out.

"David, we have a problem!"


""The dogs locked the door to the RV!"

Uh oh.  It must be they were jumping up, trying to force open the door, and hit the lock.  This is especially bad because RV "the Boat" has only one door, and the only keys to the RV were inside.  Daughter Megan was able to slide open a window on the driver's side.  She stood on a chair while I held it and she crawled in head first.  She had to stop halfway in to fend off the excited (and no doubt bewildered) dogs.   Her butt was hanging out and her legs flailing.  I totally missed a fantastic photo opportunity.


  1. Before you lower the Whaler, be sure there is enough cable to reach all the way to the ground instead of just the water line.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Fingers crossed for you on the sale of Drift Away.

    Our cat once locked us out of our truck... on a hot day... with the engine running. I tried to get her to step on the "unlock" button - didn't happen.