Monday, May 26, 2014

Blog Stats

Pam and  I have been off of Drift Away for over a year.  As such, I have pretty much stopped updating this blog, but I do check in from time to time, mainly to check the other blogs that I follow and are listed here.

The first thing that I noted is that we're about to hit 300,000 hits.  The second is that we have 100 followers.  That's a lot for a boating blog.  I checked the stats.

What this shows is the number of views each page received yesterday.  What this shows me is that, as I had hoped, there would be information in the blog that others could benefit from.  The blog had 262 visitors who read about things like using Thompson's Water Seal to seal teak decks, to rebuilding a Groco head, to running TV coaxial cable, to Magma grills, to philosophical thoughts on cruising.

So what are our plans?  Well, cruising on Drift Away is out.  I'm still suffering from the ill effects of breaking my neck last year, and some things are getting worse.  Pam is working on a horse ranch in the Ocala, Florida area so we'll be spending most of each year there, and our plans to build a house in the Adirondack Mountains have been scaled back to a summer cabin.

Drift Away is still for sale, but offers are coming in.  It should (hopefully) be sold shortly.

Pam and I cleaned the last of our things off of Drift Away before we headed north.  What a great boat, and what wonderful memories we had on it.  We both left, for the last time, a little teary eyed.


  1. Thanks for the update Dave. I still look around the Drift Away blog for nuggets of wisdom every now and then! :-)

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

    Rick & Lori

  2. I'm sorry I missed you, Dave. Still hoping to get there this summer. Hopefully, we can meet up next fall when you come back down.

    1. We'll be back in Florida sometime in October. We'll have to get together for sure, Tim. St. Augustine is only about an hour and a half from Eureka.

  3. I check in regularly to see if there are any updates on the sale of Drift Away. I understand that circumstances and desires change. Hope you and the furry ones are happy with the path you take. Wish you all the best.