Monday, November 13, 2017

New Plan for the Books

I communicated with a publisher about this Drift Away blog transferred to Drift Away books.  First, I was told that publishers aren't interested in a series of books, which this would have to be.  At least two, perhaps three books worth.  Then I was told that they weren't interested in publishing a blog format book. 

Alright.  Well... I am.  My first book, Living Among Sasquatch:  A Primer is in a blog format and those who reviewed it loved it!  It is a diary of sorts, so the reader follows right along with us in our learning curve.   Most certainly the same would hold true in Pamela and me buying a derelict old trawler, making it serviceable, and then traveling down the east coast on it.  Blog format it will be.

Publishing in color is also important to me.  The blog photos are one key to the success of the blog, and therefore so too the books.  I thought I'd have to do hardcover to get color photos, but I found a less expensive alternative.  I can publish a 6 x 9 full color paperback, which is the way I will go.  I mean really, who is going to pay $100+ for a hardcover book?  Not this cheap old bastard.

I learned in business long ago that the secret to success is to listen to your customers.  My blog and book readers are my customers, and I hear you.  I will forego traditional publishing and self publish the books my way, not their way.  Even if I don't achieve the volume of book sales of a traditional publisher, I don't care.  This is the way you've asked for it, and the way I like it, the way you will get it, and the way I think it will work best.

Volume one will be Stamford to Albany to Annapolis, and ~may~ be available by Christmas.  The next volume(s), from Annapolis to Jacksonville, will be in 2018.

That's the plan.  Like cruising on Drift Away, it may change, but that is at least the vague idea.  It is time for a victory beer.

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