Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Voyage of Drift Away - The Book(s)

This blog has been an online chronicle of not only Drift Away the boat, but Pamela and me, our dogs and cats, our travels, and our lifestyle.  Many of you have asked if I'm going to write a book about it.  I am now in the process of doing exactly that. 

But I have a problem.  It is getting too big. I'm not even through the first year and the book is over 300 pages, and I have two years to go.

I thought about leaving out the photos, but as they say, a picture is  worth a thousand words.  Make it only about our travels?  Naw.  Too many cruising books out there already.  Leave out the boat projects?  No!  That was half the "fun" (I just got to the part where we were replacing the refrigerator and found out the old one was glued in). 

I left out the obvious parts, like going to car shows.  But that ain't enough.

So I decided that instead of cutting out sections, I would just include the entire thing.  When I finish and see exactly how big it is, I'll start editing it and whittling it down.

As you long time followers know, we spent a lot of time in Annapolis, Isle of Hope, and Brunswick, and I won't bore you with repetitive happy hours, etc.  So maybe it won't be too bad.

But what I'm considering is breaking it down into two volumes.  The first would be 2011, the second 2012 and 2013 to keep the size and cost manageable.  To make the photos color, which I think is important, the volumes would have to be hardcover. 

The cost of color hardcover books is lofty.  The 174 page hardcover book I just published (Sasquatch, not cruising) sells for $59.99 on Amazon.  These could be twice that each.

I can also do eBooks and paperback with black and white photos for the thrifty of us. 

Just thinking  out loud here.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Contact me. I'm a trawler owner/writer who does a blog too. Travelswithvickiandbarry.blogspot.com
    I'm also a university writing instructor. I have some thoughts about your book project vlathom@gmail.com