Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Two is Published

 Well, actually it is book six for me.  But the first four are about Sasquatch, the last two about Drift Away and the live aboard lifestyle.

This is book one, available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.  It covers the first part of our cruise, from Stamford to Albany to Annapolis and includes all of the highs and lows, including losing both engines off Sandy Hook and what we did to fix our fuel tank problems.

The second book is Annapolis to Savannah (actually Isle of Hope just outside of Savannah) and is more cruising oriented since we're actually moving.  This book is just published and hasn't made it to general distribution yet but is now available on Lulu.

Book three in the series will cover from Savannah to Brunswick to Jacksonville (Green Cove Springs, actually).   I haven't started on that one, taking a short break.   And that should do it... of course, I do tend to get wordy, so there may be a book four.  But I will do my best to keep it short... although there are victory beers involved.

Dave's author page on Amazon.

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