Thursday, September 5, 2019


I am going to tell you all something that I have never told anyone. I have visions.
I am currently receiving mental health therapy for depression. I go to group therapy Monday through Friday. Am I nuts? Most likely. But there are things that I have come to learn about myself because of therapy.
There are two "me's". The conscience me that muddles through the day. And the unconscious me. The later is the me with artistic abilities who can paint, photograph, write, and ponder deep thoughts.
My visions come to me while asleep. These are not just dreams. These are vivid and there is a clear difference between dreams and visions.For example... many years ago, I was studying to become a Mormon. This is a religion that I admire. I was visited once a week by a Sister and an Elder. But as I got serious into converting from Catholicism to Mormonism, I had a vision. "THIS IS NOT MY RELIGION" it yelled. I stopped the visits by the Sister and Elder. I knew then that my visions were real.

When my dad passed, I had a vision. In this vision, saw people as far as I could see. Then my dad and mom appeared from thecrowd. "Look who I found!" my dad said, with his arm around my mom. There is an afterlife, my vision told me, and my mom and dad were OK.

For background, I am certainly different. I had an EEG after a car accident some 50 years ago. My doctor called me back to the hospital to repeat the EEG. After that was complete, he called me into his office to tell me that my brainwaves were abnormal. He had never seen anything like it.

So, because of therapy and connecting all of the dots like my weird brainwaves, I now realize that I am not normal compared to you all. I am wired differently. Perhaps that is why Sasquatch, who are very spiritual, can and will communicate with me, as does a higher power. It is why I know things about the Forest People that no one knows.

But am I crazy, or just coming to grips with a reality. At this point in my life, I am understanding that I have a gift. A gift that I am still coming to grips with. Or... I am just nuts.

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