Saturday, May 11, 2013

Final Stop- Green Cove Springs.

Yesterday was an easy day.  It only took a bit over three hours to cruise from Jacksonville Landing to Green Cove Springs, and that was at a leisurely 1500 RPM and 6.5 to 7 knots.  I figured we'd arrive about 12:30 or so.

We had slack current so it was perfect to cast off the dock lines.  It was also perfect to sit and wait for the train trestle to open.    It's always open unless a train is crossing.  Must be a train is coming.

We waited and waited for about fifteen minutes for the train that never arrived.  But then the trestle opened, letting us pass before closing behind us again.  Must be a really slow train.

Have you noticed my tendency to leave off the word "it"?  I should have written "It must be a really slow train", but I don't speak that way, and I was taught to write the way I speak to communicate effectively.  I guess we upstate New Yorkers speak in a sort of shorthand.  Anyway....

Goodbye Jacksonville!

Hello Sea and Air Crash Recovery.   I hope this was only training.

The dogs were in sleepy mode.  They were awakened way too early for their potty walk.

Top secret Navy air base.  I can't tell you where it is on the St. John's River just north of Jacksonville.

Weird green plane.  It must be to throw off the enemy by making them think you have no taste.

The entrance to Doctor's Bay.  I wonder why they call it that?


Pam was lounging on the foredeck and the autopilot was taking us down the bay.  I was keeping "watch".   Suddenly, debris the size of the Titanic was in front of us!  With no time to flip off the autopilot and change course, I threw the engines into reverse (for my landlubber friends, I slammed on the brakes).  We stopped with only feet to spare.   I need to keep better watch.  But in my defense, I'm really bad at seeing things and can't find anything where Pam tells me to look.  It's a guy thing.  It's no wonder the two lookouts didn't see the iceberg.

12:22 PM.  Am I good or what?

"The Wall" at Green Cove Springs Marina is huge.  Drift Away feels little.

They take their cleats seriously (for my landlubber friends, that's huge).

Pamela relaxing on the aft deck, admiring my huge cleat.

The sun sets over Drift Away.  No, we're not sinking.  It's a step up to the dock.

Last night's sunset.  Not Golden Isles quality, but very nice.

So tomorrow we start packing and arranging.  I also need to look at a minor exhaust leak on the port side.  This may involve carpentry work and a jigsaw.  I'll let you know.  I also need to change the oil on the engines and generators, remove the bimini, and a bunch of other stuff.  Our planned departure day is Monday.



  1. Green Cove Springs was once a WW-II naval base and shipbuilding site. That may explain the super cleats.