Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Dogs Do Cumberland, In Photos

Dogs are not a normal part of Cumberland Island.  They're not allowed at the campground nor on the ferry.  An exception is made for boat dogs, like ours.   We had just set foot on dirt when a park ranger approached and told us, in no uncertain terms, that our dogs must be kept on leashes at all times.  OK.

Two days ago, Pam and I left the dogs on the boat except for potty breaks.  Yesterday was a dog day, and they loved it.

We saw a red winged blackbird along the trail to the beach.  These are among my favorite birds.  Not only do they have a beautiful song, but their wing patches of bright red have a militaristic look about them.

Dogs on Cumberland must be on leashes at all times, eh.  We interpret that to be that dogs must be under control at all times, which ours are.  And besides, how can a dog swim on a leash?

Especially a crazy pointer like Olivia.

Dogs need to run.  The chase was on.

Lots of birds.  I think these are Forsters Terns.

An American Oystercatcher.

Female Turkey.

It was time to head back to the boat for the afternoon, so I could plan our trip to Jacksonville.  I wonder if the guys in those trucks had plans.

After dinner, back to the beach!

This poor guy got rolled up on the beach by the surf like a bocci ball.  I wonder if he got dizzy?

Drift Away at anchor.   What a good looking boat.

Last night's sunset.  Not bad.

Today we hope to get underway by 9 AM.  It's over 40 miles to Jacksonville's free town dock, and we'd like to get there in the afternoon.   I've read that the current can be strong, but I think we might be hitting it at low tide which is 3:34 PM and so maybe we'll get a push up the river if we get there at 4 or later.


  1. The St. John's River currents are CRAZY strong!!! And watch out for the inconsiderate boaters out there. They will rock you to pieces!!

  2. I'll guess Drift Away is running well-- I hope this comment doesn't jinx your next leg of 40 Miles...

    It's been a great "Ride" Reading your daily Blog-- The End is Near... {:(---<

    Bleecker will be fun to read too I'm sure--

    I live in Dutchess County near the river, Maybe meet for lunch as you drive to Bleecker?? Unless you come up 88... If you come up 87 Then there might be a chance to have lunch...

  3. I feel a bittersweet. Am a little angry about leaving the boat, but also excited about beginning the next chapter. Home has been aboard Drift Away for the last several years. I amnot sure land is where I really want to be just yet. As time grows near and we ready ourselve to actually move off the boat, I am very apprhensive for many..... many reasons. As much as I miss family and the mountains of home..... I'm not sure I'm really ready to go back......yet.