Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Last Day at Brunswick

We're casting off our docklines shortly, headed down Jekyll Creek at pretty much the wrong time for Cumberland Island.   We finished up a few mundane boat chores, such as cleaning the ring buoy.

For my landlubber friends, marine equipment isn't the same as land bound stuff.  They must be made of materials suited to withstand the rigors of salt air and water, and everything marine related is made this way, with the exception of fenders (or "bumpers") and ring buoys, which are made from the cheapest vinyl available on the planet.   The ring buoy below was new ten minutes ago and quickly turned into this.

Long ago, I learned that Interlux 2333N solvent is not so good at thinning paint, bue pretty good at removing mildew.

The rain finally stopped yesterday, so the main saloon's carpet, which was sitting outside for the past four days, was hung to dry, complete with two landlubber clothes pins and one marine clothes pin per side to make sure it stayed put.

I thought my redneck friends might not show with the Whaler and its new outboard yesterday, but they arrived deep into happy hour.  Happy hour started at 2 PM, by the way.

Look!  It runs!

No more excuses.  The Whaler runs, the bad weather is gone and it's going to be a glorious day.  We'll be out of here in an hour or so.   It will be very sad to leave Georgia's beautiful Golden Isles, but exciting to get to Cumberland!

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  1. Enjoy your cruising time and especially Cumberland Island it is beautiful!