Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Electronics partially installed. Awesome!

Yesterday was a perfect day to install electronics.  It was sunny and warm with a nice breeze to blow smoke away should we fry anything.

Sven, the young guy who owns Boat Verk, is 6' 7" tall.   You'd think that would keep him from fitting into tight spaces, but nope, in he goes head first.   Sven is a very capable guy, and although I could have probably done the installation on my own, Sven has the speed and experience to get it done faster, and correctly.

Being 6' 7", Sven was the perfect guy to install the radar dome on top of Drift Away's bimini.   I used my management experience to stand around and watch him.  Well, actually, I did the easy stuff like installing a new VHF antenna and pulling wires from the lower helm to the flybridge and vice versa.   I'm  letting Sven make all the electrical connections because he's so good at it.

Today is a rainy, dismal day, only in the sixties.   Since I'm still achy from my Sunday painting job, I think I'll forego my planned rainy day project of installing Y valves in the heads and take a trip to the Stamford Mall with a stop at West Marine.  Pam says I need new jeans, and I certainly need a new pair of sneakers/boat shoes.   Maybe we'll look at the iPad 2 again.   Meanwhile, here are photos of yesterday's project.

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