Monday, September 5, 2011

I can hardly move.

We have about two weeks to get the boat ready to head out.   Rain is forecast for most of the upcoming week, so yesterday  was a dedicated painting day.   Pamela finished painting the underside of the roof and my job was to prime the decks for deck paint.

The sanding was a very messy job.  I hired that out to someone experienced in doing it, and Pam and I vamoosed to the dog park with the dogs.

The decks were looking good.

After a quick trip to West Marine to pick up a few disposable plastic tubs and paint brushes, I started on the flybridge.  I quickly found out that painting fiberglass is difficult.  It has a rough waffle-like surface.   I experimented with thinning the paint so I got good coverage but so it also applied easier.  After five hours on my hands and knees, I finished the flybridge, port side deck, and half of the foredeck. 

Thank Gawd, I ran out of paint.  My back hurt, my left hand was numb (and still  is) from leaning on it, and I had a buzz on from the fumes.   I'm going to head out to the I-95 day laborer pick up area and get a couple of young illegal aliens to finish this up.   I'm too old for this.

Today will be electronics installation day.   Sven, the young guy from Boat Verk in Norwalk, is coming and we'll install it together.   I imagine it will take a coupla three days to complete.

This morning is one of those mornings when you realize why you live aboard.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get all the junk off the helm station that I so nicely cleaned off the other day.   One thing I learned about living aboard is that, like nature abhors a vacuum, so too does stuff abhor a neat place aboard a boat.


  1. I've noticed that if you take a couple of those OTC Robaxacet's before crawling around on your hands and knees all day really helps. I was experiencing the same thing during many of the jobs on our boat so far. I suppose Advil would work just as well.

  2. I use my crocs for knee pads. They work well. And you will notice they always have paint stains on them. Two part paint sticks really well--in fact it won't come off at all. I should paint the outsides just to make them look better.