Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Boat Bone Yard

There's been a spate of dead boats lately.   Hurricane Irene was responsible for many, of course.  Sixteen boats went over the Troy Dam in upstate New York, I've heard.   This once beautiful CSY 33 was brought into Norwalk Cove Marina last week and ingnominously dumped in the boat bone yard after breaking loose from its mooring in Darien.

The owner of this boat had just dropped off a half dozen people after celebrating his 50th birthday and was motoring between Westport and Norwalk when his boat caught on fire.   It too is in the boat bone yard.

Perhaps the most shocking of all was a 90 foot yacht named "On Your Mark".   I passed it every day each winter I worked at Norwalk Cove Marina.   What a beauty.  

It burned at Haverstraw Marina.   Read all about it by clicking here.

After Drift Away's close call with Hurricane Irene and seeing these three boats suddenly destroyed, I have to admit that I'm a little concerned about not only losing  our boat through some mishap, but also losing our home that we've come to love.  I'm grateful that the only damage Irene did to our boat was to the two curved acrylic windows, slightly sandblasted by windborne beach sand.

Upcoming boat projects- when the skies clear, I'll prime the new fiberglass decks today.   Tomorrow begins the new electronics install and towards the end of the week Drift Away will leave the docks for only the second time that we've owned her and head up to Norwalk Cove Marina's service dock to have her generators worked over.   Maybe I'll see if i can buff those acrylic windows too.

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