Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet the feline crew

I've often posted about the dogs, Chevy and Ruby, but I've said little about the cats.   Perhaps it's because I spend more time with the dogs.   Dogs are high maintenance, requiring exercise at the dog park and potty breaks several times during the day.   Cats are pretty much set and forget.   They'll let you know, in no uncertain terms, when their food bowl is empty.  Other than that, it's not hard to forget you own cats.

This is Charlie and this is pretty much what he does.

Charlie is 75% Snowshoe Siamese, a beautiful cat.   He'd be 100% Snowshoe Siamese but he was hit by a car and lost his left rear leg.   He can still scamper around just fine, although he doesn't exercise himself much and so weighs about 16 pounds, the same as a bowling ball.

This is Gertie.   Like Chevy, we're only fostering her until we find her a home. 

That was about three months ago.  Like Chevy, we haven't found her a home because we haven't tried.  It's too much fun watching her pull grocery receipts out of Pam's pocketbook and chase them around the floor, or watching her terrorize the dogs by chewing on their tails.  She's very talkative and affectionate and purrs instantly when picked up.  She runs and jumps all over the boat and walks the rails around the deck.   She hasn't fallen off the boat yet, but we did buy a crab net (and renamed it the cat net) just in case.

And this was this morning's sunrise.  I love sunrises.

Big difference from Sunday's hurricane, eh?

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  1. Greetings Charlie & Gertie from Shadow, Squirt, Boots, Baby & Momma (who's currently AWOL)