Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trawler Trash?

I subscribe to many cruising blogs and live vicariously through others.  I just read an interesting blog by one of my favorites, Dick and Libby's Tarwathie Cruising Log.  Dick wrote about "Cruisers as Travelers" and a Wikipedia search turned up synonyms such as vagrant and vagabond.   That got me thinking about Pam and I on Drift Away.  

Most of the work we've done on the boat has been replacing aged and broken equipment, although we have improved the outside appearance somewhat.   Last summer, I painted the flybridge and stripe, which were a faded mess.   I started to paint the hull but ran out of summer, and so far this summer have had no time.   So the port side of the boat is faded 20 year old Awlgrip and the starboard side is 2/3s new paint, 1/2 faded 20 year old Awlgrip.  

But wait, there's more.  There's plywood covering the middle window of the helm station while I get the glass replaced.

We have a kitty litter box on the stern, bare unpainted fiberglass decks, and blue tape along the roof which is partially painted.  The doors are left partially open so the cats can get to the litter box and visible inside is stuff piled everywhere for our many boat projects.

Are we becoming "trawler trash"?

Hmmm... maybe I should take off the nice white boat fenders and replace them with old tires, and perhaps I can get a crank out louvered window for the helm.  Maybe play some twangy country music (I love old style country music!) on the outside speakers like Ferlin Husky and Patsy Cline. 

Perhaps our boat's theme song (every boat needs a theme song) should be "I'm just an old chunk of coal but I'm gonna be a diamond someday".

By the way, do you know what you get when you play a country song backwards?  You get your wife back, you get your dog back, you get your trailer back...    :-)

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  1. Y'er my kinda people and welcome to haul y'er "trawler trash" right up alongside mine anytime neighbor! ;-)