Friday, August 12, 2011

Round and round we go

If you recall my previous blog, I mentioned removing the center window on Drift Away and bringing it to a Norwalk Repair Place that does things like repairing hatches and port lights.  

They called today to tell me that they can't do the job.  It seems the window is made by an Italian firm named Gebo and they don't make that window anymore, nor do they make the gasket that hold the glass in.  They recommended that I contact Gebo.

So, I googled Gebo and went to their website.   It took me a bit to find the English icon to translate it from Italian.   I then scanned their site and found a link to worldwide distributors, and read down through that list until I found United States.   There is one, and only one Gebo repair center in the United States.   It is the Norwalk Repair Place.

Now I'm thinking that if I can't replace the window, I may just swap it with a window on the side.   It's really annoying to stand behind the wheel and have to look through and around that silly wiper thingamajig.  Or, maybe I can remove the wiper and I'll just have a big hole there.   If I could hinge a piece of acrylic or something over it to keep the bad weather out, and I could open it on nice days to get a breeze.  I'll have to think about this.   Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Those round spinning window thingies are called "Clear View's" IIRC. They're used on commercial boats when there's issues with freezing spray and green water coming over the bow.

    Your idea to swap it with another window will work but might not be the most aesthetically pleasing option. You could probably get a new window made that might be a close match. I've been looking at Wynn Windows.

    They make a swing out version that should give you a nice breeze. The last time I priced a window with them that's about that size it was about $400.00