Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's looking worser and worser.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday Irene was forecast to nail Cape Cod. While Irene is still a long way off, the computer model tracks are starting to converge in my area. This ain't looking good for folks in North Carolina who will be among the first to get clobbered. As for me, living aboard in Stamford, the forecast isn't looking good either.

This is the latest computer model predictions for hurricane Irene...

The blue and yellow tracks would be good for us.  Although we would still be in the northeast quadrant, Irene would be far enough away that the most wind we'd see would be 40 or 50 knots.   The other four tracks would be a disaster for us, especially if the eye rolls over NYC.  That puts Stamford right in the wrong place, the northeast quadrant.  Not only would the wind be ferocious, but the storm surge would be very high.  

We'll stay on the boat if Irene veers off to the east or west of me by 100 miles or more, but if it's close, we're hightailing it for high ground. There's nothing we're going to be able to do to save a 50,000 pound boat with a lot of windage.
Now I have to decide what to get off the boat and toss in the back of the truck. I guess my box of personal papers, the laptop, all the Simrad electronics I haven't installed yet.  If we decide to vacate, the cats will have to ride back there. The dogs can ride in the truck with Pam and me. I'll park Pam's car and my '56 Thunderbird on the third level of the marina's parking garage, triple up on the dock lines, add the four new fenders I just bought, drop the 80 pound Manson off the bow, and either beat feet or ride it out in the big concrete office building at my marina.

I'll know more tomorrow.

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