Saturday, August 20, 2011

One month to go. Work work work.

The clock is ticking and the project list isn't getting shorter fast enough.

The latest project was to remove the goofy spinning windshield wiper thing from the center window in the helm station.   Drift Away has only moved about 15 miles in the past year and a half, but that thing made me nuts looking through it.


As I posted before, I removed the window and took it to Norwalk Repair Place who is an authorized repair center for Gebo windows.  They said it couldn't be done because the gasket couldn't be saved and they couldn't get a replacement.   Gebo said I'd have to send them a piece of the gasket so they could see if they could match it up.   I then took it to Nat Levy's Glass in Norwalk, which is about 75 feet from Norwalk Repair Place.   They replaced it, no problem.


One of the followers of Drift Away's (a guy actually building his boat from scracth!  Check it out- sent me an excellent link to a place that custom builds windows.   One day, when Drift Away will be staying in one spot for a time, perhaps I'll order one that swings out so we can get a nice breeze at anchor.  But for now, not having to look through and around that spinning gizmo will be great.

One of the projects for this weekend is to start the installation of the new electronics.  I've gotten the AIS transponder, the autopilot, and the GPS.   Still waiting for the broadband radar and 12" touchscreen.   First job, though, is to get all the junk out of the helm station.    That may take the better part of the day.

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