Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pam. Your cat is all wet.

I was awakened by a cat that jumped up on the bed and then my chest.  I half opened one eye to look at the clock.  2:33 AM.   I looked at the cat.  It was Smudge, the white old lady with the new collar.   I groggily reached down to scratch her head.   She was soaking wet.  Dripping wet. 

"Pam.  Your cat is all wet."

"MMmmmm.... zzzzzzz."



"Smudge is all wet."

"What?"   Pam sat up.   "She's all wet!"    Pam is very observant.  "How did that happen?"

"My guess is that she fell in the water."  I am very astute.

I'm not sure what happened after that seeing as how I went back to sleep, but I'm guessing that Pam toweled off Smudge and then went back to sleep too.  

I went up to the showers in the morning and this is what I saw.

I don't know why or where Smudge fell in, but I you can see in the photo where she climbed out.  She grabbed ahold of the vinyl rub rail and pulled herself up.   That's a long reach for an old lady cat.   She then made a bee line down the dock, onto the boat, through the saloon and downstairs to our room.   I understand what our pets say.   It's a super power I have.   Smudge stood on my chest and said "This is all your fault!  You made me live on a boat!  I hate living on a boat!  Look at me, I'm all wet!!   You're gonna pay for this, Baldy!"

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