Friday, December 16, 2011

25,000 hits? Really?

Our blog has been like the Seinfeld Show, mostly about nothing.  We started it eleven months ago, right smack dab in the middle of the winter while living aboard Drift Away in Stamford Connecticut.  We were getting record snowfalls and ice storms and the absurdity of it all seemed like good fodder to share with the world, and so this blog was born.

Pam owned a bookstore, reads a lot (now reading "Chesapeake" by James Michner) and has written a draft of a novel.  I enjoy writing and have had sailing articles published in Cruising World, Latitudes & Attitudes, and Good Old Boat magazines.  I don't know about others who write and have blogs, but I have a creative side that needs to be let out periodically.  This got me into trouble quite often in high school, by the way.

I intended this blog to be a window into what it's really like to be a liveaboard.  I think that many magazines glamorize it with palm trees and white sandy beaches, when it's really more like living in an itty bitty apartment with a water view and mildew.  Add to the mix two pit bulls and three cats, one of them with only three legs, and it gets pretty hilarious.

I wrote about our many boat projects like replacing the refrigerator, a simple job for a land dweller but a major project requiring a Sawz-All on Drift Away.  I wrote about finally casting off the dock lines and heading south.  After two months we made it as far as Annapolis, Maryland.  Everyone else is at least in Georgia, including our buddy Miro.

Don't get me wrong, we like Annapolis, a lot...   but really?  The marina just put in bubblers to keep the boats from freezing in, and one of the marina guys just told me that a Coast Guard ice breaker came through Back Creek last year.  We're tossing the dice here.  If we stay too long, we'll get frozen in and have to stay until Spring.

Those of you who follow our blog know that I write about pretty mundane things sometimes, but I reveal it warts and all.  In some cases, even posting photos of the many hits I take to my bald noggin (this cracks up Pam).  Quite honestly, I don't know why everyone tries to hide the fact that they screw up.  We all do.  It shows that we're human, and fallible.  We do dumb things.  All of us.  Sometimes we do smart things, and sometimes we do ingenious things, and sometimes we do brilliant things.  But we all do dumb things.  It's the law.  The Law of Evolution.

Hmmmm.... like going to Walmart to feel thin and intelligent, maybe that's why you come here to read our blog?  

Please consider "following" our blog.   While we get 150 to 200 hits a day, we only have 32 followers.  Just click on the "join this site" button.  Followers and comments only encourage us to write about more dumb shit that we do.  Like another blogger that I follow wrote, it's like fertilizer to us.

For those of you doomed to endure the coming winter,  soon, right after Christmas, we intend to finally make some real progress and head south.   We'll be actually "cruising" and that's what many of you want to read about.  At least, I think we'll be leaving.   Pam mentioned something yesterday about connecting to the free cable TV on the dock.    That's a very bad sign.


  1. Dave,
    You are most definitely not a "Wal-Mart Person" -- congrats on approaching 25,000 pageviews and keep the creativity juices flowing. It's enjoyable reading. Notwithstanding the fact that it provides a "fix" for your right brain, there's got to be a book in it for you somewhere.... or enough hit's to go commercial. Keep it up!!
    p.s. I currently only have 2 beautiful scabs on my noggin -- the last one came during some insulation installation in an attic crawl space last weekend. I'm sure you can relate...

  2. Hits are a funny thing, Dave. My web site took nearly 6 years to get to a million hits. Now, three years later I am showing 5,613,176 as of today.

    One thing I can attribute it to is the photographs. Three years ago, I got my runabout and my SLR Camera and began taking racing shots from the runabout, chasing down the individual boats and racers and posting them on the site. People love to see pictures of themselves, so they go to the site and look for themselves and then apparently share with their friends and neighbors. (there's only about 100 active sailors in our club, I don't think they did all 4 million plus hits... LOL)

    So, keep showing us pictures of your dented noggin, we love it and share with others... Maybe even share pictures of all the other people's noggins you dent, too!


  3. Charleson is a great town. y0u will love it

  4. We remember linking onto your blog when you were in Conn. We thought you must absolutely love boats to live on one in the winter (Are they nuts??!). We've been entertained and informed reading about your adventures. Keep up the great work!

  5. Haven't joined -- too computer illiterate to figure out Google Friends -- but follow your cruising and enjoy your "real world" account of life aboard your "good old boat." The Charlie Wittholz designs for Cheoy Lee were under-appreciated -- he was a first-rate naval architect. Hope you escape south before its too late. Have cruised the Abacos -- you would have a great time there.