Sunday, December 11, 2011

Annapolis, the Day in Pictures.

Last night, Pam and I hied ourselves to the Spa Creek Bridge to watch the Eastport Yacht Club's Lights  Parade.  It was cold and a bit windy, but we took the dogs along anyway because they were antsy.  We got there early to make sure we'd have a good viewpoint.   As more and more people arrived, Ruby was in her glory.  She thought all the people were there to see her.  And actually, she got a lot of attention because she's such a friendly dog and many passersby stopped to make a fuss over her.  Imagine that, fussing over a pit bull of all things.  We didn't stay too long because we were getting cold, dogs included.  I didn't bring my camera with me because I knew the photos would come out blurry, sorry, but I will say that it's an awesome parade and you should catch it if you can.  You can see photos of previous parades by clicking this link.

It's sunny and warm here in Annapolis today, about 50 degrees and light winds.   The dogs were out on the bow sunning themselves.  Ruby started barking.   Pam went out to yell at her and to see what the fuss was, and came in laughing.   This is what had Ruby in a tizzy.

A U.S. Navy blimp.  I suppose if I was a dog and never saw a blimp before that I'd freak out too.

While taking a pic of the blimp, I took one of Drift Away, looking snug in her berth.

She would look snugger if there were palm trees in the background.

Pam and I took a walk into town to deliver secret-Santa presents for a nine year old girl, and this time I brought my camera.  If you haven't been to Annapolis, it is boats, bars, and a quaint old town.

Pam stopped to listen to Alex Haley talk about "Roots", his family's story. 

Kunta Kinte arrived in America at Annapolis.  It is the only memorial that commemorates the arrival of an enslaved African.

The pubs were busy, no doubt because the Army-Navy football game was yesterday, and since Navy won, people were celebrating.

This is "Ego Alley" on Dock Street, so named because big yachts dock here to visit the pubs and eateries across the street.  In the off-season many live-aboards winter here.

McGarvey's hasn't changed since I chartered a sailboat here over 30 years ago.  I like it when things don't change.  Change is bad.   Always bad.

The pic above is the Shiplap House, so named because the siding in the back (that you can't see) is of varying widths.  It was built around 1715 as a tavern and store.  It is now the administrative offices of Historic Annapolis.

People really do sail here in Annapolis, even in December.   They're all bundled up in heavy coats, warm gloves, and wool hats.  Looks like fun, eh?

I, on the other  hand, have a trawler and I intend to drink a couple of beers and watch football on my 42" flat screen TV as soon as I post this blog.  That's fun too.  Go Ravens!


  1. GB, 13-0, 19 total 3 wins away from owning an NFL record winning streak. :D

  2. Actually, I am a Green Bay fan and have been since I was a kid, but I also root for the local team where ever we're docked. Go Ravens!

    Yesterday's Green Bay/Oakland game was awesome. I felt bad for the Raiders. The Packers are a well oiled machine, and Aaron Rodgers is an amazing quarterback.