Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Weather Window is Holding

Although it's blowing like stink here in Annapolis today, tomorrow's NOAA weather forecast is winds out of the south at 5 to 10, waves one foot.  That's well within our comfort zone, so tomorrow looks like the day we leave for points south.  I'll check the forecast again tomorrow morning, of course, because weather forecasting is an imprecise science and is based on probabilities, but we'll probably leave.

Our preparations aren't too many.  I checked the oil and coolant levels in both engines and fired them up and let them run until fully warmed.   I tied the flat screen TV down.  That's about it.  Before we actually leave the dock, we put all the small appliances, photographs, and other loose things on the floor.  Then the dogs get locked inside, we cast off the lines, and away we go.

Our first stop will most likely be Solomon's Island, about a 7 hour trip, so we must leave early.  You can follow our progress by going to and searching for Drift Away.

I just found out that the Dismal Swamp Canal is going to close on January 3rd for 60 to 90 days for repairs.  That's too bad.   That's a trip I was looking forward to making, and I don't think we can get there in five days, especially if our past progress is any indication.  Heck, it took us six weeks to get to Annapolis from Albany. 

Hmmmmm.... then again, maybe we'll be getting there just as it opens in the spring.

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  1. One great product we use in the boat to keep things like lamps, tvs and such in place is 'museum putty'. They use it in California in case of earthquakes. We've had great luck with it.