Monday, January 9, 2012

Cruising Tip of the Week- Buy More Underwear

We had two fantastic days trawlering from Annapolis to Solomon's Island, and then to Deltaville Virginia.  We're now nicely tucked in Back Creek, which is on the north side of Stingray Point in Deltaville.  We're staying put today.  It's gray and rainy out.   We have only one more day to make Norfolk and the Intracoastal Waterway and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so we'll head out then.

The water is turned off at each marina we've stopped.  We filled our 200 gallon tank on December 1st in Annapolis.  We're down to somewhere between 60 and 90 gallons according to our gauge.  That's plenty for washing dishes, but not enough to use the onboard washing machine.  Pam asked, and there is no laundromat anywhere nearby. 

My cruising tip of the week is to buy plenty of underwear as part of your cruising provisioning.

I enjoy seeing photos taken by cruisers.  Think there's nothing to see of interest in Back Creek?  Not so.

How about trailer-boats?

I guess these don't move, which is a good thing since they don't look very seaworthy.  A pump-out boat visits them regularly.

I've always liked these boat sheds.

They keep off snow in the winter and keep the boat cooler in the summer.

This is what they look like on the inside.

We were on Walden Marina's fuel dock last night, but we popped two 30 amp circuit breakers.  One when cooking dinner, which was understandable since we had the stove and microwave going, but the second went at midnight when little was running.   Since we decided to stay another day, we moved to a regular dock that has 50 amp service.

This was the first time I backed into a slip.  I have limited visibility to the stern so I'd manuver the boat, look out the door, manuver some more, look out the door again.  I guess I was being overly cautious, but I didn't want to look like a total moron and hit the dock or the catamaran behind us.

It feels good to be heading south again.   While it is only 43 degrees here at 11 AM,  back in Annapolis it's 38, in Stamford it's 37, and in Gloversville NY it's 27.  In New Bern, where we're headed, it's 47, and Beaufort SC it's 63.  We need to get to Beaufort!


  1. You seem like a man who loves Gadgets Dave. I think maybe a "backup camera" is in your future no? :-)

  2. I've thought about a camera system with cameras on the stern and each side of the boat. It's low on my list of priorities right now though. First will be getting someplace warm and then finishing painting the boat, as well as getting the Boston Whaler running. Maybe then a camera system!

  3. I use headsets like these.

    Bill Kelleher