Saturday, January 28, 2012

The World Through the Eyes of a Dog

In a previous blog, I mentioned a Christmas card I received from a mentally disabled person.  It said "Blessed are those who see the world through the eyes of a child".  That was about 40 years ago, but I never forgot it.  It came back to me today as we walked the dogs. What does a dog think when encountering new things, like dolphins, or goats?

We're taking a few days off from cruising.  We're now at Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, far enough south that I can say we're officially in the south.  We didn't turn the heat on last night, and pulled some of the plastic off the windows.

Osprey Marina is a nice, secluded stop, far removed from, well, everything.   The dogs can run off leash here.   There's plenty of room and not too many people around.  The marina has goats though, and sometimes they get out of their fenced in pasture, so we walk them off the boat on leash until we do a goat check, and then the leashes come off and the playing begins.

The dogs noticed something strange... what are they?

Ruby sat herself down to try to figure it out.   She sits funny because of knee problems.  We had her right ACL fixed over Thanksgiving, and her left one will be done sometime this year.

The goats noticed the dogs and all wandered over.

We put their leashes back on.  The fence wasn't really all that high.

The goats came over, but not too close. The male was the closest, no doubt to protect the female and the kids. 

Once everyone settled down, we took their leashes back off.

Ruby was visibly annoyed at something.  She kept spinning around and licking her paws and her butt.  Fire ants!

There was a huge ant hill nearby, and fire ants were attacking the dogs.  Everyone go for a swim!

After being debugged, we took the dogs for a walk down to the end of the marina road.  Across the road was Enterprise Stables and horses.  Like the goats, the dogs were intrigued by them as well.  Look at the size of them!

It seeems that animals are interested in checking out other animals.  One horse took a special interest in us and the dogs and came over to the fence to say hey.

He was particularly interested in the dogs, not us.

 We walked back to the marina.  From the hill above, we had a nice overview of the marina below.  This is a nice place.

That's Drift Away on the right.  No, I do not know how I'm going to turn the boat around to get out of there.

Friends Jim and Sharon, who are here on SharonB, took us to the Myrtle Beach boardwalk in the afternoon.  I rate this boardwalk higher than the fabled Atlantic City boardwalk. 

Pam wanted to dip her toes in the ocean...   not too close!

Thanks Jim and Sharon, for a wonderful afternoon!

Like us, Jim and Sharon have been cruising since September.  And like us, I noticed that they've lost track of what day it is.  Riding back to the marina, it went something like this.

"What's today?  Saturday?"

"No, I think it's Friday."

"Are you sure?"


We all know what time it is because we have watches.  Cruisers need to know when it's lunch time, dinner time, happy hour, etc., but we lose track of the day.  On Drift Away, we have a day clock.

For all you cruisers reading this blog, today is Saturday. Time to relax.


  1. Small World!! please say hi to Jim and Sharon. Great marina! Wave your hands over the water and watch all the turtles pop! check out Scatores restaurant,, wonderful!

  2. We agree about seeing the world thru a dog's eyes - we often wonder what Izzy is thinking. Just caught up on the blog, about your Navi-nut invention - Rick wants to know if you need investors. Very funny. You need to get further south - you are still wearing jackets.
    Deb, Rick & Izzy
    M/V Broulee

  3. I agree with Broulee... Come on down!
    That was a nice post.
    Mel said thanks for the Birthday wish.
    As far as what day it is? We always say it's today! When folks ask when we are leaving, we say tomorrow.
    As far as time... It's always 5:00, just in case.
    Looks like you guys are still having fun. Keep it up.
    Bob and MEl,,,, and Radar,,,, and soon Muddy.... I hope that's all.