Friday, January 20, 2012

Yesterday, Belhaven. Today, Oriental.

Thursday was a picture perfect day to hang out in Belhaven.  JW, the mechanic, had to order a size pencil zinc that I didn't have, so we were "forced" to remain here. 

The morning quickly warmed up from 28 degrees to 60.  It was nice enough to have morning coffee on the foredeck.

Thursday afternoon it was 27 degrees back home in Gloversville, NY.  It was 37 in Annapolis.  And 60 here!  For some reason, Pam doesn't understand my weather compulsion.  When I imparted the aforementioned temperature comparisons to her, she threatened to box my ears.

It seems that we see interesting things where ever we go.  I noticed this barge below moving incredibly slow.

If you look closely, there are two small powerboats propelling that massive, heavy barge filled with scrap metal and a crane.  One powerboat is in the back and one on the starboard side.  There may be another on the port side, I dunno.  Can't see over there.

We pretty much relaxed all day.  We walked the dogs around town and enjoyed the fine houses.  This was the beautiful sunset that closed the day.

Almost closed the day.  We decided to eat at the Fish Hooks Cafe downtown.   This is the sunset that closed the day.

Fish Hooks Cafe was very good.  Pam ordered "the Trawler" which was a plate of fish, scallops, oysters, shrimp, and a crab cake.  We took home a biiiiiiiig doggie bag.  Oh, and we had another first.  We ordered fried green tomatoes, the first time we'd ever seen them on a menu.  The fried pickles were $6 and the fried green tomatoes were $5.99.   I wonder why the penny difference?   Anyway, they were very good.

The weather forecast changed.  It was supposed to be 10 to 15 out of the west today, and now it's 15 to 20.  We're leaving anyway.  We only have a short hop in open water, and it's not really that open, and then we're in a canal.   By the time we get to an exposed section of Pamlico Sound, the wind is supposed to die down to 10 to 15.   It's forecast to be out of the west so we're protected anyway on our run to River Dunes.   It's 7:30, leaving in about a half hour.

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  1. Great photos Dave. Pam looks happy. I can't get over how laid back it all looks, sort of season over, everyone is gone, but it's warm in the sun during the day, cool at night. You have it all to yourselves.

    It looks like you've found a good place as you meander along. I think you're taking the good place with you as you go.