Sunday, February 5, 2012

Charleston to Beaufort, SC... the Day in Pictures

There are no transient marinas between Charleston and Beaufort.  They're 72 statute miles apart, a long trawler day.   We left at 8 AM after walking the dogs.

It wasn't long before we got to our first bridge.  We could fit under it so we didn't have to wait for it to be raised.

Just past the bridge we encountered the most current we've experienced on our travels.  I had the engines cranked up to 2000 RPM, which should give us about 8.5 knots.   The number in the top left corner of the chart plotter is our speed over ground.  3.8 knots.

So that means that we had 4.7 knots of current running against us.  If you look again at the chart plotter, you can see why.  The entire river (the big blue thing at the top of the plotter) was trying to drain through that narrow cut we're passing through.

We're still seeing remnants of Hurricane Irene.

That boat shouldn't have had it's jib on.   I'm guessing that Irene unfurled it for the owner.

We love Spanish Moss.

This section of the ICW meanders all over, from creek to river to man made cuts.   Luckily, the Navi-Nut (patent pending) helped us keep track of where we were.

Here is a video of the dolphins.

And here is why we need to put Chevy on a leash when he watches them. 

Yes, all that whining and crying is Chevy, the blond Pit Bull.  The dolphins heard Chevy and performed for him, all three simultaneously jumping out of the wake.   What happened when Pam shut Chevy in the helm station?

Pathetic.   Chevy can hear the dolphins calling to each other.  I know this because I played a video of the dolphins on my laptop and Chevy began whining and ran outside the boat, looking for them.

The Beaufort swing bridge.   We're here!

It was a perfect day.  We think we might stay here for a week.  We get a better rate if we do, and we can order boat parts, have our mail shipped, and do our income taxes.   Yuck.


  1. When is that patent going to come thru for you? I think you've got something special there! Enjoy the game today!

    1. Well, I've run into a minor snag. It seems that there's something similar on the market already, although it not used for navigation but rather some obscure purpose. I'll straighten it out.

      I'm rooting for the Giants and Pam is rooting for the Saints. Maybe I better just put on my Green Bay Packers shirt and keep my mouth shut.

  2. Ummm, lovey, the saints aren't playing...... And neither are my Bills.