Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stealing a Car in Savannah, Georgia

One nice thing about Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah is that they have a couple of free loaner cars.  Tuesday being Valentine's Day, I reserved one of the cars to take Pam out for a nice Valentine's Day dinner at Pearl's Saltwater Grille.

Our loaner was a Honda Odyssey  Needless to say, these cars aren't always in top shape.  The driver's side sliding door had a tag on it saying not to use it.   No problem, we didn't need to use it since there was only the two of us.  I walked Pam to the passenger door to do the gentlemanly thing and open it for her.  It was unlocked.  Wow, you'd never do that in Stamford!  You can tell that we're really in the deep south now, where people probably don't lock their houses up either.
We drove the 1.4 miles to Pearl's Saltwater Grille.  As we left the Odyssey, I locked it anyway, even though we're in the deep south.  Force of habit from living in the northeast, I guess.  Pearl's was busy and the parking lot was packed.  It's a large place though, which was a good thing that night.  Everyone was taking their honey out.

We had a very nice, romantic dinner at Pearl's and afterwards walked out into the parking lot in the warm Georgia night.   I love the south.  We got to the Odyssey and I walked Pam to the passenger door.   It was very dark, so I opened my cell phone to shine it on the lock.   There wasn't one.   How can there not be a lock on the passenger door?   Weird.   So I walked around to the driver's door, shined the cell phone on it and...  the key didn't fit in the lock.   What?  If a beater loaner car has a problem with a broken lock, the marina should put a sign on the dashboard or something so people know.  Now what are we going to do?  We're a mile and a half from the marina, so I guess we could walk, but really, the marina should have let us know that the lock was broken.

Meanwhile, Pam tried the passenger door, which was locked too.  She then tired the passenger side sliding door and it opened.  YES!   She then unlocked the passenger door, hopped in,  and unlocked the driver's door.   I got in and when I tried to insert the key into the ignition switch, it wouldn't go in either.   We drove it here, so it fit then, why doesn't it fit now?  Huh.. there's a baby seat in the back.  That's a nice touch by the marina, but I don't think too many cruisers have infants.  I don't remember seeing that when we got in...  and where did this water bottle come fr....THIS ISN'T OUR CAR!  OUT QUICK!  So then we got in OUR Honda Odyssey which was right next to that one and got out of there fast.

For the record, Pam laughed so hard that she pee'd her pants.


  1. Lol

    Most excellent.

    Love the blog.


  2. I didn't pee my pants, but I sure was laughing.

    Thanks for a good start to the day.

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Southerners are so accomodating....Love your blog.. keep it going

  4. Nice!

    Hey Dave, Now that you have me hooked on cruising blogs... (sigh) I have begun to follow some of the blogs you follow, as well. Please pass on to Dick Mills as I was unable to post on his blog, last night. (?)

    But pass on to him that if he can get it directed to whoever is active in the anchoring battles, that I have heard so many horror stories about the anchoring legislation in FL that I will never cruise to FL.

    When I do get a chance to go, I will go as far south as Savannah (one of my all time favorite towns, anyway) and that is all. FL apparently doesn't need my tourist dollars.

  5. American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God. Welcome to the South. We do things a little different down Enjoy the blog, more than you will ever know. Many, many happy sunsets to you both.