Friday, February 24, 2012

This Tug Boat Captain is Amazing.

Isle of Hope Marina is on a very tight bend in the river.  You can see it in the screen shot from Google Earth below.  This turn is no problem for small boats, of course, but tugs and barges are another matter.

I took the following video while working on the Whaler up on the roof a few days ago.  Watch how close the tug comes to the docks on the outside of his turn and how masterfully he makes it.

This guy obviously knows what he's doing.  Kudos to him!

In windlass news, the electrician ordered a new reset button and it will arrive Monday.  So we're "stuck" here in Isle of Hope, Georgia.  It was sunny and in the upper 80s yesterday.   It was also very breezy.

I decided to install the one silly thing I bought when outfitting the boat, a Taylor Made Comfort Zone misting system for the flybridge.  I ran into two problems.  One is that there is a loose connection or something up on the bridge because I'd have 12 volt power sometimes and then I wouldn't.  The second problem is that a strong gust of wind blew the box the unit came in off a table and several parts vanished, presumbably straight to the bottom of the river.   I guess Neptune can't watch over numbskulls like me all the time.

Rant-  I called "customer service" at Taylor Made in my hometown of Gloversville, New York, to get replacements and was told they wouldn't sell me any parts and that I'd have to find a dealer and order through them. No dealer would carry these parts in stock, obviously, and they  would have to order them from Taylor Made, a delay of several days, at least. I guess Taylor Made doesn't account for cruisers who are on the move.  West Marine is a Taylor Made vendor.  They order on Wednesdays.  If I called them today (Friday), they would order on Wednesday, and shipping from New York to Georgia is three to four business days.  The parts would get there on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

When I worked for Dutchman and someone called for parts, I would look up and give them the name, address, and telephone number of the closest sail loft to them that sold Dutchman sail flaking systems.  I would also offer to ship direct if it would be easier for the customer.  Customer service should be all about taking care of customers, not taking care of dealers.  Taylor Made should learn this.  End of rant. 

Thanks.  I feel better now.  Well, I feel better, all except for a Comfort Zone misting system that doesn't work.  I'll have to see about disassembling the helm and running new wires up to the bridge.  That's a project for another day.


  1. Nothing could be betteer than a tugboat and Sarah Brightman in the morning! Thanks.

  2. Take a guess at where you might be when those parts would come in and if there is a West Marine store nearby order from that store.

    Then again that sorta puts you on a schedule. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Yep, its me! Though, I will be out in CA next week... E-mail me what you need and I will work on it. Then when you have an idea of where you will be, I can send it a head of you.

  4. Dang Dave, boating AND Sarah Brightmon! I guess I'll have to move you back up to #1 blog every morning!

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