Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Killing Time In Isle of Hope, GA

We're still waiting for the electrical guy to show up to take a look at Drift Away's windlass.   We'd like to anchor out as we travel south in Georgia now that the weather is getting really nice here and having a working windlass would be great.   Pam is hardly strong enough to pull up our 80 pound anchor by hand. 

If you read yesterday's blog, you might be thinking that I'm getting a little batty.  You might be right.  Some of you might be thinking "a LITTLE batty??"  We've been here a little too long, over a week now.  Let me be clear, though, that we love Isle of Hope and the marina staff here have been terrific.  It's just our wanderlust kicking in and the desire to see new and different things.

Speaking about different, this went by early in the morning.

Now, I'm not saying this is bad, only different.  I don't really care what other people's boats look like.  I only care about mine.  Well, if you saw Drift Away up close, you'd wonder if I cared, but I do, and I have plans to paint the whole thing.  Eventually.   So, people who live in glass houses etc.

I mentioned before that I'm amazed at the wide variety of watercraft there are.  I'm also amazed at the variety within each category.  Sailboats come in cruisers, racers, monohulls, catamarans, trimarans, pilot houses, motorsailers, sloops, ketches, yawls, cutters, schooners, and on and on.  The variety is endless.  I guess yacht architects will just keep doing it until someone gets it right.

We kill time everyday by taking the dogs for a walk, and Isle of Hope is a great place to do it.   Yesterday, we did our dog walk, choosing the pretty lane that runs along the shore.

No McMansions here.  And really, no big mansions to speak of, just beautiful homes.  The big porches make them look bigger than they really are.  The pic below is his view across the lane.  

I could live here.  Well, I could if I could afford a million dollar house, which I can't.  We're not even living on a fixed income at this point.  We're living on no income.   And if I could afford a million dollar house, that means I could afford a million dollar boat!

Chevy is doing great, thanks for asking, and his paw must be healing up quickly.  He hardly limps at all and insists on going for his walks each day.  After the walk, back at the marina, Ruby wanted to play in the pavillion.  I left her leash on and just let her go.  She was prancing and dancing with her leash in her mouth, hopping all about and just being a silly dog.  Chevy insisted on playing too, so Pam let him off leash.  Ruby's leash became a pull toy.

Pit Bulls love to wrestle, and Ruby is good at it, growing up wrestling at Taylor Farms off leash dog park in Norwalk, Connecticut with Italian Corsos (hi Gary!) and boxers (hi Hubert!).  Ruby can kick Chevy's butt at will, even though she's smaller.  Ruby went easy on him.  Must be she knows he's hurt.

And at the end of the day, this big trawler pulled into the marina.

Since the marina was closed and the dock hands weren't around, a couple of us liveaboards took their dock lines.

So that's our typical liveaboard I-don't-have-anything-to-do-day.  When I'm not playing on Al Gore's internets, I've been reading a Louis L'Amore book, "Haunted Mesa".  I've been in a western mood lately, and between that book and watching old Lone Ranger TV shows that came out of the Walmarts $5 bargain bin, I think I'm overdosing on westerns as well.  I'm developing a drawl, a strange hybrid of Western and Southern.

So that's it for today.  Ya'all come back now, pardner.  By crackie.


  1. Before I become a liveaboard I'll need to learn more patience. How long is it going to take to get the electrician there??? Glad to hear Chevy's healing quickly! How about a "Dogs playing Video" sometime? Have some FUUUN today!

  2. Enough of the westerns. Try any Russell Banks. I think you'd like "Rule of the Bone" -- set, in parts, in Ausable and Plattsburgh.