Saturday, February 4, 2012

Walking Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is the kind of place that makes you want to walk.  The historic district is wonderful.  The people that can afford to buy these old homes must have plenty of dough because not only are they expensive to buy, but maintaining them must cost more than outfitting an old trawler.

Pam and I took the dogs on a three hour tour yesterday, in an attempt to tire them out for a long travel day to Beaufort on Saturday.  Here are the pics.

The first thing I noticed was just off the Mega Dock where Drift Away is berthed.  Note the mast sticking up out of the water.

Just to the right of it is a sailboat without a mast.  A match made in heaven?

And then, at the head of the docks was this Egret playing with his lunch.  The poor fish was flopping around in the Egret's beak. Just eat it already.

Next was another kind of Egret.  I really should get the bird book and sort them all out.

On to Charleston.

It's too bad it costs so much to dock here.  On to Beaufort, SC today.


  1. Taking a chance on football aren't you??? Not that their won't be a place to watch down south...

    1. I think we're good, Mark. We get a number of air TV channels here, plus there are many bars within staggering distance of the boat.

  2. I had to show your photos of Charleston to Mary Ann Dave. We're enjoying a glass of wine in Rockport, fixin' dinner.

    I told her you were paying a 100 bucks a day to stay in Charleston. She said, "We couldn't afford that, why don't they anchor?" LOL! Give it some thought though, maybe start pulling a second hand hard dinghy behind drift away?(What the hell?)

    Thanks for the tour of the streets of Charleston, we both enjoyed the photos and commentary. The warm weather comes through as well.

    I'll be sad when your blog ends.....

    1. Our blog will end when we stop cruising, and I don't see that happening any time soon.

      We want to anchor out. At first, we needed marinas to be plugged into shore power so we could have heat on the boat. Now, we're staying in marinas only because I need to fix the Whaler on the roof. The steering pedestal rotted away. We need the Whaler to get the dogs in to shore to go potty.

      We're staying in Beaufort for a week probably. Maybe I can figure out how to get it fixed up and order the needed parts here.

  3. The mast sticking out of the water belongs to a sailboat that sank in Irma. We watched her go down, after first dragging there from the anchorage by the CG station. That whole anchorage across from the Megadock is foul; one boat had to cut away its anchor while we were there, as it was inside a wreck (as reported by divers). Enjoy Charleston.